TOP320 modular LED grow light 320W has a stamped construction with 9 modules. Sufficient cooling and lighting redundancies ensure PPF luminous maintenance rate during its long lifespan. As many as 504pcs SMD5050 LEDs together with 90o polycarbonate lens deliver adequate PPFD on high-light crops and the desired uniformity.

TOP320 has been well adopted in several indoor cannabis grow farms and proven to be effective in both quality and yield, and economical in power bill dollars per pound. It has IP65 protection level and free of maintenance. 3-in-1 dimming and DALI are available for easy lighting control.

◎Photon flux up to 700umol/s @320W

◎Modular passive fanless heatsink, no moving parts

◎Optic lens 90° for higher PPFD on canopy

◎Dimmability options available

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Light source 504pcs, SMD5050
Spectrum Full spectrum #A1,#C1
High red spectrum #B1
High blue spectrum #D1
PPF 700umol/s, typical
Efficacy (PPE) 2.2umol/J, typical
Light distribution 90° polycarbonate one-piece lens
Input voltage 100-277Vac, or 200-480Vac
Input current 2.67A@120V, 1.54A@208V, 1.33A@240V, 1.16A@277V
0.92A@347V, 0.8A@400V, 0.67A@480V
Input power 320W, rated
Dimming 0-10V, PWM, Resistor, Programming, Dali
Power factor >0.95
Heatsink Fanless stamped aluminum with riveted radiator fins
Temperature, operating 104°F/40°C, max
Humidity, operating 99% RH, max
Weight 18.7lb / 8.5kg, net; 23.1lb / 10.5kg, gross
Dimensions 36.2"x3.5"x4.3"/ 920x90x110mm
36.2"x3.5"x8.5"/ 920x90x215mm (w/ bracket)
Packaging 42.5"x13.8"x7.1"/ 108x35x18cm, 23.1lb / 10.5kg
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, IP65, ETL (UL1598)*
Warranty Five years standard warranty



#A1: Blue-based LED full spectrum covering broad wavelength range 400nm-750nm; ideal for all plant types and all growth stages; visual white light with high CRI beneficial to human's operating in grow room or glasshouse


#B1: Blue-based LED high red spectrum; designed for fruiting or flowering crops as a supplemental lighting; for a hybrid solution when installed alongside HPS to boost flowering or fruiting speed


#C1: Mixed LED full spectrum covering broad wavelength range 400nm-750nm; higher optical efficacy and more flexibilities in fine-tuning spectrum


#D1: Blue-based LED high blue spectrum; ideal for vegetative growth stage of any plant species, create increased root growth, biomass, string cellular growth in the leaf and a deep green colour.


* The PPF and PPE are measured by installing the entire fixture in an integrating sphere, so the numbers reflect the factual working performance of the product. However, the photometric and electrical results may vary with LED bin tolerance, ambient temperature and power line voltage. We maintain a tolerance of ±10% on the photoelectric parameters.

* The tempered glass lens, LED layout and electrical design allow easy adjustment of the LED mix. Literally any dose of light supplement can be realized, including ultravoilet (UV). We welcome your test!

* For optimal results by introducing the artificial lighting, adjustments to irrigation, nutrition, CO2 concentration and other growth factors may be required due to enhanced photosynthesis and physiological activities of the plants. Light recipe can be tuned by using the dimmability and adjusting installations to cater for different crops and growth stages.

* The ETL certification is in process and to be completed in a couple of months.




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