Terms and Conditions

Please read these simplified Terms and Conditions carefully before placing order and using the LED grow lights products of Peakingtech. We have developed the mentioned grow lighting products on basis of the general industry knowledge, expertise, experience and know-hows we gathered through research, test and communication with our clients. Their functions and effectiveness have been tested and proven in existing application cases. Plants are the world's dominant life-form, and to grow them is more of an art than a science. The physiological activities of plants, especially the photosynthesis, depend on numerous variables, while lighting is merely one of them. We cannot warrantee the success or results of your growing activity by using our products except for the standard warranty on the specifications of our products. We keep innovating in the agricultural lighting domain by upgrading existing products or launching new ones. We hope to work closely with you to help grow your plants better and boost your profitability. Last updated: October 1st 2019

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